The New York-based duo hits all the right notes in their EP, Petty Crimes. Their haunting harmonies and intricate arrangements raise the emotional stakes in ballads of love, loss, and transformation. ” - Rachel Cholst

Adobe and Teardrops

Raising Daughters

Raising Daughters is a NYC based country-folk duo featuring Hallie Riddick and Josette Axne. Their partnership was formed from a love of theater, after having studied together at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. The Kentucky and Colorado natives have taken on the New York live music scene, bringing stories of femmehood and coming of age to stages across the boroughs and capturing audiences with striking harmonies and exacting lyrics. Their work weaves together the sounds of chick rock, country, and folk and reminds audiences of artists like- Alison Krauss, The Staves, Fleetwood Mac, and Indigo Girls. The Daughters put out their first LP, Get Home in 2021. They released their first single, Nor’easter, last year and just released their new EP, Petty Crimes this past February!

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